Say NO to a new international airport

You may have heard about plans for a new international airport in Tarras, Central Otago. It’s being planned despite strong community opposition, no true need for it and massive concerns about the environment and the future of several local communities it will impact.

The planned airport is being pushed ahead by Christchurch Airport, who secretly purchased a huge area of local farmland and now say that Central Otago (and New Zealand) “needs” another big airport.

We don’t. If you agree, please add your name to a long list of hundreds of people from all around NZ who oppose this planned airport. Add your name below.

There are a range of reasons for opposing these plans – whether the environment, climate change, overtourism, preserving areas of stunning natural beauty, impact on the local communities, strain on infrastructure, protecting local wildlife or just making use of our existing airport capacity – to name just a few.

If you need to read more first – get the full story here.

Or if you are ready to add your name, please just sign up below. The more people who oppose this, the stronger our voice will be. We’ll also keep you informed of any news.

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